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Manchester UK

New massage studio:3 Abbeywood ave. M18 7JZ

Nové studio v Gorton M18 7JZ Manchester:Masáže,Baňkování,Magic Hot Stones...

Tel:078 56019901


Massage as therapeutic and preventive technique on the human organism has direct effects which produce physical and biochemical changes in the tissues and also indirect, mediated by the nervous and endocrine system. Among the direct effects can include an increase in blood circulation, improve absorption of edema, exudates, hemorrhages, accelerating the elimination of substances causing fatigue, improve nutrition, improve the flow of lymph in the lymphatic circulation, improve muscle activity, increased or decreased muscle tone, upset adhesion in tissues expedited removal cornified superficial layers of the skin, increasing the secretion of sweat glands and the normalization of skin tension.

The result of these changes is to improve the activity of the tissue in the human body, and reducing pain. Irritation of the nerve endings (proprioception) results in the production and the subsequent delivery of biologically active substances (amines, endorphins ...), improving blood flow to the periphery, improving the exchange of CO2, O2 and nutrients in tissues, thereby improving nutrition, and also the actual activity of muscles and the entire human body. Massage helps to remove the increased muscle tension and prevents contractures, improving blood circulation muscle and other tissues and acts preventively against pressure sores and inflammation of the veins of the lower extremities. At the same time promote the healing process, the absorption of haemorrhages and exudates and prevents downloading tissue in wound healing.

Classical massage: Generally the most common and best known type of massage is suitable for those who particularly appreciate the massage strength and depth touches.

Aroma massage: It's kind of relaxing massage utilizing experience to achieve the desired effect of purely natural vegetable oils and essential oils.

Sports:Substitution strength and relaxation massage techniques, suitable both before and after sport.

Back+Neck 30 min  10 £

Legs+feet acupuncture points 45min.  20 £

Back,neck+legs  60 min    25 £

Whole body  90 min    35 £

Cupping (very intense process masseur) is able to release an extremely stiff muscles, warms, some clients leave traces of color on each site, which can last up to 3 weeks.It helps with cellulite.




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